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Euódia Home

(yoo – o – dee’ ah)

A sweet smell, fragrant

        A prosperous journey

A purveyor of artisanal blend of fragrance for interiors, each crafted carefully using hand picked ingredients to create the perfect aromatic experience.


Current Product Line up

Fragrance Diffusers

Soy Scented Candles

Home and Linen Sprays


Frequently Asked Questions:


How long do Euódia Home diffusers last?

50ml diffusers are rated to last up to month

100ml diffusers are rated to last up to 3 months

150ml diffusers are rated to last up to 5 months


Rates of evaporation vary from bottle to bottle and due to different air conditions. It is common at the end of a diffusers lifetime to leave a resin residue.

Why Soy Scented Candles?

Soy Candles are sustainable and non toxic unlike their paraffin counterparts. The soy waxes used in Euódia Home Soy Scented Candles are all natural, kosher, contains no additives and burns cleaner and longer. Our Candles are also triple scented, therefore our candles goes a long way in scenting your room.

Which is right for you?


Fragrance Diffusers

+ Minimal Maintenance (Reeds only need to be flipped to achieve desired intensity)

+ Longevity, lasting up to 5 months depending on volume chosen

+ No Fire Risk

+ Intensity can be adjusted


- Intensity not as strong as candles or home and linen sprays

- Spill Hazard



Soy Scented Candles

+ Instant scent throw when lit

+ Stronger than fragrance diffuser when lit

+ A soft amber light when lit


- Must be lit for scent to be released

- Proper care must be taken when handling with hot candles


Home and Linen Spray

+ Instant scent burst when sprayed

+ Fun to spray around the house

+ Can be sprayed on fabrics, bedding, curtains and pillows


- Must be sprayed continually for constant scent


Fragrance Family

Freesia Green – Floral Green

White Mandarin – Citrus Fruity

Shanghai Garden – Oriental Fruity

Green Tea Accord – Citrus

Fresh Lemongrass – Aromatic Citrus

Lotus Flower – Floral Fruity

Burnt Fig – Woody Fruity

Bergamotto – Citrus

Orange Blossom – Floral

Rosétte – Floral

Lilas – Floral

Feuille – Green

Granithé – Floral Green

Riviera – Fruity Oceanic

Santalum – Woody Green


Fragrance Families

Floral – Freesia Green, Lotus Flower, Orange Blossom, Rosétte, Lilas, Granithé

Fruity – Lotus Flower, Burnt Fig, White Mandarin, Riviera

Citrus – White Mandarin, Green Tea Accord, Bergamotto

Oriental – Shanghai Garden, Fruity

Aromatic – Fresh Lemongrass

Woody – Burnt Fig, Santalum

Green – Feuille, Freesia Green, Granithé